Thursday, 26 June 2014


I'm still getting views and I don't know why, but thank you, dear random people, for at the very least clicking through.
I'm terribly sorry I gave up. I felt like I didn't have much to write (still pretty sure I didn't).


I'm gonna rebrand - as it were, I'm clearly not actually a brand - this summer, and see how that goes =)

Monday, 13 May 2013

Photos of Rosa Progress

No, so like, I have a perfectly good excuse for leaving it over a month. I've been revising and examing and I'm almost done now and found a break to blog!

So let's show you some of my Rosa progress yes?

So these are the boots. All very simple. Need to add the purple bits and the top bits.
They're also very comfy. I wore them for a week in France in the snow. And then thought I should probably stop wearing them to make sure I didn't break them before Expo =p

 Let's alternate sides shall we?

These was a rough attempt at getting the bun in the wig. I need to actually move it down a bit since this sat basically on top of my head and did not look good.
I'm waiting to get some more hairspray and wax before I do this properly, so I can basically cement it in place. And by waiting I mean being lazy and not going to a shop to get some.

These are some of the gems I made out of polymorph. Love this stuff! First time working with it, so they're not perfect, but I shall improve. Have since had layers of mod podge, ready to be painted.

Capes capes capes capes!

I love capes. So swishy <3

And yes, these are Rosa's capes.

Patterns are all hand drawn and tbh, I'm pretty damn proud with how they look together.

So on the left we have the belts and pieces, roughly tucked and pinned in place. More detail to go, but almost there!
I just wanted to see how it was all going to fit together. Pretty damn close to the reference methinks.

And on the right, we have the bits of how I made the jewelled part on the belty pieces (what do I call them??).
Cut up some bamboo pieces, spray them gold.
Coloured some clear gems I found with nail varnish, and then, well, there you go!

Also, decided to make myself a new gunblade for Lightning, since I'm entering her into the masquerade and into Eurocosplay qualifiers.

Okay, I know it's made out of cardboard, but shush.
I couldn't afford anything more fancy (or rather, couldn't justify it) and it only has to last 1 day. Not even that, one afternoon.
I've layered it with paper mache newspaper. Needs priming, sanding if I have time and then painting.

I still have a fair bit to do, and one more exam on Friday, but that gives me a week to find things before Expo. Let's hope I can do it!

And here are my Expo plans, because I doubt I'll get time (or even have a need?) to blog again before Expo. So we have God Tier Rose (Homestuck), Lightning (FFXIII) and of course Rosa (FFIV). Also wearing a normal version of Rose on the mornings, whilst I have photoshoots, since I wanted something more comfortable to wear whilst doing them.
Come say hi if you see me! =]

Thursday, 4 April 2013

The remains of October Expo

You remember October Expo right? It was only 5 months ago. That's barely anything.
I had a good Expo, lots of photoshoots (though I could have been more organised) and some fun cosplaying times!
Didn't cosplay on Friday (at least, I have no memory of doing so xD) but I finally got to break out my finished Lightning cosplay on Saturday!! Had a small photoshoot (in the freezing cold) by the lovely Aaron

Unfortunately my gunblade bent when I was travelling to Expo, and so I struggled with it in the wind. And then to go home I decided to snap it completely so it would be easier to transport. This does however mean I need to fix it or remake it for May, when I hope to be in the masquerade with Lightning, but I still haven't quite worked out what to do yet!

Had a quiet Sunday as Yeul. I wasn't feeling 100% comfortable as her tbh. But I went into the masquerade for the first time! It was a little scary, but I'm glad I did it. I don't think I was on stage for very long at all (of course, it felt longer to me at the time) but I can only learn.
I got some lovely photos back from Yuka, who managed to make me look much better than I felt I did!
I met her in October for the first time, after chatting a bit on Tumblr. She was lovely, and it was definitely a highlight of the weekend, meeting someone I admire =]

And as I mentioned, I did a bit of photography of my own! Various shoots for various people. It was a nice learning curve, and I'm only improving more. A small selection is below. I took hundreds of images of course, these are just some of my favourites =] (I've got more in my DA gallery here).

And that was October Expo!
Not long left til May now, but I'll keep things a little more up to date =p
Will get some Rosa progress up here soon, between procrastinating on my revision and writing my report. You may even get a brief post about Birmingham Expo, but I'm planning a full one for Just Cosplay, so maybe look out for that instead!

Tuesday, 19 March 2013

I return.

So, hello. I am back. And I have 2 things to say.

  1. I am back for good. Or at least, as good as I can be. Why? Because I got 5 hits in the last month. Now, that seems like nothing (it pretty much is), but since I haven't posted anything since October I think any hits are good. So if I'm getting hits, I should be posting stuff, right?
  2. Despite my previous post, I shall keep this a purely personal blog. My progress, ideas and things I do. Mainly because I've joined a group of bloggers called Just Cosplay [Facebook & the actual blog] where I can blog about more general things. So you'll see me in 2 places.
And there. We shall continue.
In the next couple of weeks, I'll post photos from October Expo (incase anyone was left hanging, ha) and my cosplay progress since then and also coverage of Birmingham Expo last weekend. Sound good? Good.

See you all again soon =]

Thursday, 18 October 2012

Future Wonderings

Am thinking I may turn this blog into a more general cosplay blog. I would certainly mean I use it more often, but I'm not sure many people read it now or would indeed read more if I updated more often with some other stuff.

I'm not too sure on what kind of thing I mean.
A cosplay/er of the week/month is one obvious thing, but aside from that I'm not sure. Events only happen so often (least, the ones I can go to) and a lot of the time I have no progress because I can't be making cosplay 24/7.
So I don't know what else I'd blog about (feel free to throw out some ideas).

Aside from that, becoming more and more determined that I'm going to do a predominantly armour based cosplay one day. Part of me thinks that should be FFXIII-2 Lightning, but maybe I should do something a little bit easier to start with.
So I don't know who that'd be, or when. I just know I'd love to make something like that one day.

Oh my god, Cecil. I wanted to do a Cecil cosplay.
That's it, that's decided. He will be my first predominantly armour cosplay.
Though I still have no idea when.

Saturday, 6 October 2012

Yeul Progress

(So I only left it just under 3 weeks, getting better.....)

Anyway, have some Yeul updates!

Firstly we have the skirt, though this is what it looked like a week ago. I have since cut it to the right length, just waiting for me to hem it tomorrow.

It's a weird kind of skirt. Yeul's skirt looks like it's supposed to be a wrapped skirt, but that's kind of impossible difficult to do (would require recutting everything, probably, and a lot of trial and error) so I decided to cheat a little. There is a zip in the back of the skirt (hidden) from which the wrap pieces on either side come from, so they at no point cross round the back (which would have caused problems).

So yes, quite proud as I haven't used any sort of a pattern. Just common sense and some trial and error.

Needs dying, but that'll probably be one of the last things I do as it's fairly simple.

Next are just some small photos. One shows my recolouring of beads. Gotta love sharpies, saved me having to buy 3 lots of beads when I only need what you see in the picture of red and green (also 2 of the original yellow). I have quite a few left, but no where near how many I would have had.
Also is the beginnings of the head piece. Has a craft foam base and then I'm building up the shape with air drying clay.

Lastly comes me looking all gangster.

Innit. Bro.

But I'm actually showing you the various bracelets Yeul has. Not shown (as they're not done yet) are the 'straps' (for want of a better word) that go across the back of her hands, they'll be pretty simple to do though.

There are still other various beading bits to do. She has other strap bits further up her arms. The main trick with that will be getting it to stay up, but I'll manage it somehow.

And then, that's about all the updates I have for now!

Still left to do is the top (not started at all), the beads straps as mentioned, finishing the headpiece and hemming her fur butcape.
Shoes were bought about 4 months ago, though I don't seem to have taken a picture. But they're just shoes, I'm not altering them at all.

Tomorrow I plan to bring out the sewing machine, get the skirt sewing finished and do the fur. Keep putting off the top, scared to start patterning that out!

Monday, 17 September 2012

Next time I won't leave it so long

Okay, so, a long gap between my last post and this.
Especially since that Toko post has been sat half done in my drafts for ages, waiting for me to upload some pictures.
But still, I'm here now. Life has been busy. It's going to get a bit more chill now, hopefully.

Onwards to EXPO!

Current plans are
Friday - Lighting (FFXIII)
Saturday - Morning: Lightning (FFXIII), Afternoon: Dragonite (Pokemon)
Sunday - Yeul (FFXIII-2)

Lightning and Dragonite are clearly complete. Post-Expo I will have decent pictures of Lightning to show the world and you've seen Dragonite already (below).

Yeul is in progress. Beads were bought today, skirt has been started, boots were bought a while ago, wig was styled about 2 weeks ago.
So good progress. And should be finished in plenty of time for Expo.
Have also entered into the masquerade on Sunday, on my own, scary times =3

I am also intending to buy an SLR camera and continue my experimentation with being a photographer since I loved it so much in May. A few friends have said yes to letting me do photoshoots for them which is a good start =]